Credit Education Week

November 10th - 14th 2014


CEWC 2014 Speakers

Bruce Sellery
Bruce Sellery is a personal finance expert, best-selling author, and TV host. He is the founder of Moolala, a personal finance training company with a mission to inspire people to get a handle on their money so they can live the life they want.
Dianne Buckner
Dianne Buckner is a respected journalist and television producer. She is best-known to Canadians as the host of CBC Television's program Dragons' Den.
Ellen Roseman
Ellen Roseman is a journalist who sticks up for ordinary Canadians. Ellen's personal finance and consumer columns appear in the Toronto Star's business section.
Gary Rabbior
Gary Rabbior is the President of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education.
Jane Rooney is Canada's first Financial Literacy Leader.
Liz Mulholland
Liz Mulholland is the CEO of Prosper Canada, a national charity dedicated to expanding opportunity for Canadians living in poverty.
Terry Campbell
Terry Campbell is the President of the Canadian Bankers' Association.